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AIStracker services

AIStracker web site offers its users a number of interesting services, using modern Internet technologies and mapping systems from Google. For Google Maps service and Google Earth Plugin service you must be logged into the system. If you do not wish to register, you can use demonstration mode - log in as demo user.

AIStracker service for Google Maps

AIS tracker Google Maps service To start work immediately, use the service based on the mapping system of Google Maps. It allows real-time monitor traffic on two-dimensional map and to get full information about ships, including archival records.
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AIStracker service for Google Earth

AIS tracker Google Earth service This service allows users in real time (update interval 5 sec.) monitor traffic on the three-dimensional map using Google Earth and three-dimensional models of ships. It also provides detailed information about ships.
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AIStracker service based on Google Earth plugin

AIS tracker Google Earth Plugin service This service provides all the basic functionality of the service based on Google Earth, ie display three-dimensional models of ships on a three-dimensional map of Google Earth, but directly in your internet browser with an enhanced functionality, that presents in AIStracker service for Google Maps.
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AIStracker service for Google Maps for Mobile

AIS tracker Google Maps for Mobile service AIStracker service for mobile devices allows users to see the current positions of ships for the selected region on the two-dimensional map from Google on your phone screen (smartphone) with Java support, and receive detailed information about ships.
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In development

Currently in development are two additional services, such as a WAP version of the system and tabular presentation of data on the movements of ships calling at the port, mooring, unmooring, etc.
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