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 Google Maps service

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AIStracker service for Google Earth plugin

This service provides the same functionality as Google Maps service. But real-time vessel traffic shown on the 3D map of Google Earth plugin with use of 3D ships models. You can get detailed information about ship location, speed, course, navigational status, IMO code, MMSI, name of vessel, as well as additional information about the time and port of arrival, vessel track for last 12 hours with detailed information for any point of the track, etc.

Updates of dynamic information of the ships (position, course, speed) occurs by default every 8 seconds.

Requirements and recommendations

Requirements and recommendations is the same as for Google Maps service - read here. But Google Earth plugin officially works in the follownig browsers:
  • 1 Google Chrome.
  • 3 Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or higher.
  • 5 Internet Explorer (IE) versions 7.0 and higher (tested with 6.x, 7.x, 8.x)
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Difference with other similar systems

First of all, this service is different from the other very small update period (default value is 8 seconds). In other systems, this period is usually 60-90 seconds. In addition, through a unique "engine", updates are applied only for those vessels, the dynamic data that actually changed. Also, if possible, optimization and compression of the data occurs. In other systems, as a rule, all ships updated on the map. For example, for ~ 200 visible vessels and compression of data: the initial loading of data 9-10 kb, data updates (for the 8-second period), 2-4 kb, depending on traffic intensity.
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