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Mobile version of AIStracker

A test version of the AIS service of Google Maps for Mobile (mobile version). With the help of Google Maps for Mobile (GMM) an opportunity to see at the map positions of ships on your mobile device.

How to install and use

Details on installation and use of GMM can be found on the website of Google - link.
The latest to date (March 2009) version of GMM is 2.3.2.

Job Description

After you install and run the program Google Maps for Mobile on your mobile device, select "Search" and type the following address - (in the accuracy of all punctuation marks). After a few seconds you'll see a list of ships, as well as a map with markers, meaning their location.
If you select a marker, you can get complete information on the ship (the flag, type, course, speed, etc.), including ship photo (see pic.).


The latest version of GMM is able to simultaneously display the positions of 100 vessels. These vessels are shown relative to the current location. Ie If you want to see, for example, all ships in the port of Temryuk, you first have to move to this area of the map and then do search.


Positions of the ships is not updated automatically. To update positions, select previously entered link again from the menu "Search".
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