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AIStracker service for Google Earth

This service enables real-time traffic monitor on a three-dimensional map of Google Earth. Positions of the ships is shown on Google Earth globe in accordance with their type. You also have the opportunity to get detailed information about the ship, such as location, speed, course, navigational status, IMO code, MMSI, name of vessel, etc., track and ship photos. Update the positions of ships and dynamic information happens by default every 5 seconds.

How it works

Service is only one KML file (KML - Google Earth markup language file), which is responsible for the display of ships on the map. Once you have opened this file in Google Earth, in the left pane "Places" you can see a folder named AIStracker, which also contains subfolders (see figure). The following is a folder with the name of the user account registered in the system, and referred to him under the current group of AIS stations. Below is a folder with the main areas and ports for quick navigation of the map (double click to fly to the desired area). More below the folder with a list of ships and the folder "Update", that's responsible for updating the information and positions of ships. Update the positions of ships and dynamic information happens by default every 5 seconds. After 10 minutes of using, the entire map refreshed (full update).

Requirements and Installation

  • 1 Download and install the Google Earth version 4.0 and above. The latest version is available at Google - link to download. We recommend you Google Earth 5.1.х.

    Important Note:

    The latest version of Google Earth 5.1.х (beta) works unstable (permanent faults and hanging). Faults also observed in version 4.3 (beta). Therefore, we recommend that you use the stable version of Google Earth 4.2.0205.5730
    Download Google Earth 4.2.0205.5730.
  • 2 Download models of ships (ZIP archive) from this link, and unzip it in a folder C:\GE4_Spardeck\ (this is the default folder, the path to the folder you can change from your account settings). C:\GE4_Spardeck\ must be a root folder for *.dae files.
  • 3 Then log on and download the following file - Google Earth tracker. This KML file, which can be opened by double-clicking or via the menu File->Open of Google Earth.

    Important Note:

    If you are not logged in, then the Google Earth tracker file with positions of the ships will be downloaded for the Demonstration Account (user Demo, with limited rights).
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